Charlottesville Empowerment Counseling and Wellness Services

Equine Therapy

Lindsay Detlie, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Charlottesville Empowerment is excited to offer Equine Therapy!

In equine-assisted therapy, horses serve as co-therapists to help individuals better understand themselves and build a sense of internal trust and confidence. They model for us what it means to live truly in the present and to trust the subtle emotional signals they are receiving from those around them. Horses respond to us based on our emotional cues and those responses will sometimes mirror our own emotional state or reaction. To work with a horse is to build a relationship based on mutual respect and trust, with clearly defined boundaries and communication. 


Potential benefits include: 

  • Increase awareness of emotions

  • Increase in  the ability to regulate emotions

  • Forming and understanding your own and others' boundaries

  • Increase in ability to problem solve

  • Build trust and empathy for self and others

  • Build confidence and assertiveness

  • Build leadership skills

  • Improve the ability to build and maintain relationships

For more information about Equine Therapy and to see how to book a session please see Lindsay's site: 

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