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MJ Vazquez-Amaral, B.A.

Practice Manager

Pronouns: They/Them


MJ completed their Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at George Mason University in 2017. With a Passion for social Justice and the LGBTQ+ community they are excited to find themselves working with the amazing people at Charlottesville Empowerment and the safe, inclusive environment that Charlottesville Empowerment has created.  As practice manager they are in charge of billing, insurance, and general office management and the center's administration.

MJ is a recently returned native of Charlottesville and is excited to be back in the city they grew up in and love dearly. They enjoy hanging out with their friends when they can, meditating, taking care of their five succulents, and looking for new places to try the best food Cville has to offer.

Katrina Farris, B.A.


Pronouns: She/Her

Katrina completed her Bachelors of Arts in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Washington University in St. Louis in 2017. She began working at Charlottesville Empowerment in 2018 and has held multiple essential roles at the center. As a consultant she assists with the billing, insurance, and general management of the center’s administration. Katrina also serves as the center’s Pre-Clinical Intern and process observes the center’s group therapy and assists with the center’s workshops. She is looking forward to starting at the Clinical Psychology program at Georgia State University.



Katrina has enjoyed living in Charlottesville for the past two years while gaining experiences that have shaped her career trajectory. She plans to attend a Clinical Psychology doctoral program in the future and thanks the staff at Charlottesville Empowerment for helping her further discover the value of this field. In her free time, Katrina enjoys practicing yoga, painting, exercising, and finding new places to eat (her current favorite being Monsoon Siam!). 

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