Charlottesville Empowerment Counseling and Wellness Services

Meet "Theo" -Therapy Dog in Training

Hi Hi Hi! My name is Theodore James Reginald Nadasdi- but my friends call me Theo, and guess what!? You're my new best friend! I love my job at Charlottesville Empowerment sitting in laps, playing, and giving hugs and kisses. I just turned two years old and I've done lots of training, but am still working on a few things (like giving less kisses, but I don't want to!). Mommy and her patients say that I'm made of pure love (I've also heard that I'm made of kittens, rainbows, Care Bear stares, and unicorns!). My favorite things are snuggles, playing, chewy toys, my little brother, and smelling everything and meeting everyone on my walkies. Right now I can only spend time in Dr. Nadasdi's sessions, but one day when I'm fully trained and certified, I'll be able to join any session where I might be needed.


I can't wait to meet you!

Meet "Riley"- Office Greeter and Therapy Dog Hopefull

Oh, hi there! My name is Riley Rupert Rorschach Nadasdi- but I answer to Riley, "Riley Ru," and "Floppy Floof." I'm 1 year old and loving quarantine life with my brudder Theo. I'm really laid back and a big snuggler- some times I just run over to mamma and flop into a pancake in her lap! I love everything and am always happy, but mamma says am too sneaky and smart for my own good sometimes. I don't know what "office" means yet, but I can't wait to meet the people in mamma's computer and give them snuggles one day!