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Charlottesville Empowerment Counseling and Wellness Services

Meet "Theo" -Therapy Dog in Training

Hi Hi Hi! My name is Theodore James Reginald Nadasdi- but my friends call me Theo, and guess what!? You're my new best friend! I love my job at Charlottesville Empowerment sitting in laps, playing, and giving hugs and kisses.  My favorite things are snuggles, playing, my little brother, and meeting everyone on my walkies. 


I can't wait to meet you!

Meet "Riley"- Office Greeter and Therapy Dog Hopefull

Oh, hi there! My name is Riley Rupert Rorschach Nadasdi- but I answer to Riley, "Riley Ru," and "Floppy Floof." I'm really laid back and a big snuggler- some times I just run over to mamma and flop into a pancake in her lap! I love tennis balls, my brudder Theo, and snuggling. I can't wait to meet you!


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