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Charlottesville Empowerment Counseling and Wellness Services

Dr. Tasha Nadasdi, Psy.D., L.P.
Pronouns: She/Her

Latasha Nadasdi, Psy.D., is a fully licensed Clinical Psychologist. She is experienced with providing individual, couples, and group therapy. She has experience in a number of settings, including:


  • The University of Virginia's Counseling and Psychological Services

  • University Counseling Centers including University of Michigan, University of Central Florida, and Florida Institute of Technology

  • Inpatient Care

  • Community Mental Health

  • Private Practice


Dr. Nadasdi integrates multiple evidence based treatment modalities in order to personalize therapy to the needs of individual clients. These include relational, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, affect-focused, and humanistic/existential approaches to therapy. She provides both brief and long-term therapy.

As a social justice oriented clinician, Dr. Nadasdi is intentional in considering issues of power, privilege, and oppression in her work.

Dr. Nadasdi works with a wide variety of concerns, including (but not limited to) anxiety, relationship concerns and interpersonal issues, family of origin issues, mood disorders, life transitions, grief, sexual concerns, minority-stress issues, self-esteem, stress, and identity issues. Dr. Nadasdi works with clients who are 18-years-old and older, and is particularly passionate about working with college students and young adults, LGBTQQIAP+ identified clients, and couples.

As an alumna of UVa, she is thrilled to be serving her Charlottesville community. She is a musician, dancer, and book/tv/movie enthusiast, and can usually be found enjoying Charlottesville with friends and dog in her downtime.

Dr. Nadasdi is currently on Medical Leave and will not be able to accept new clients or respond to emails that are not from current clients. She will continue her roles as Director, however will not be accepting new clients in the future.

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