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Charlottesville Empowerment Counseling and Wellness Services

Galia Mann-Hielscher, M.A.
Resident in Counseling
Pronouns: She/Her


Galia recently graduated from the Mental Health Counseling MA program at Brooklyn College, after which she moved to Charlottesville in anticipation of starting her residency at Charlottesville Empowerment.Prior to living in New York City for 11 years, Galia lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Berlin, Germany; and Tel Aviv, Israel. She also holds an MA degree in Philosophy and a BA in Philosophy and History, both from Tel Aviv University. As a counseling resident, Galia will be working under the supervision of Corinne M. Sisti, LPC and Dr. Tasha Nadasdi, Psy. D., L.P.


She has one year of experience in supervised psychotherapy counseling at GMHC - an HIV/AIDS service organization in New York - where she worked with a wide range of individuals from various walks of life.

Her approach to therapy is based around the fact that every person is unique, and therefore she aims to be flexible and to tailor the psychodynamic and other therapeutic approaches she uses to the specific

needs of her clients. Her main goal is to work together with her patients to help them find long-lasting ways to live better and more fulfilling lives, whatever their personal definitions of that term are.


Her personal background living as an immigrant in multiple countries has instilled in her a special passion for working with anyone who feels marginalized or out of place in their living environment.


Galia spends as much of her free time as possible with her partner and with her dog Saskie. She loves learning languages and speaks English, Hebrew, and Dutch fluently as well as some Russian and German.

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