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"Yard Sale" August 2023

As part of our move to our new location, we are selling some of our leftover furniture and decor. The "yard sale" will be located at our old office (2123 Ivy Rd STE 201) during the following windows:


Saturday August 26th 230PM-4PM

Sunday the 27th 1030AM- 230PM

Please Note: 

  • We will accept Cash, Venmo, and PayPal only

  • ALL items are pick up only. You must be able to bring items down the flight of stairs and transport items your self. Our staff will not be able to offer assistance.

  • There may be additional items not pictured for sale as we finalize the decor at the new office

  • We will NOT be able to respond to emails regarding the 'yard sale' sent to our CE emails. Please email regarding the yard sale. This email address will be disabled after the 'yard sale' and is not to be utilized for other purposes.

Couch and Chairs

Couch- $135

Chairs- between $20 and $60

Tables and Bookshelves

Coffee Tables- between $65-125

Side Tables and Console Tables- between $30-75

Bookshelves- between $50-85



Desks $50-125

Mirrors, Lamps, Plants, Decor

Small Mirrors- $4

Medium Mirror- $30

Large Mirrors- $45

Lamps: $4-$40

Clocks $12-$25

Plants (fake)- $12-$55

Pillows- $3-$20

Meditation Cushions- $35

Blankets- $8-15

Paintings/Pictures, Framed Pin Boards- $5-$35

Candles, Candleholders, Misc. Decor- $3-$35


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