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COVID-19 Operations (Updated 2022)


All fully vaccinated clients are welcome to come into our center for in-person services, however telehealth sessions are our primary mode of providing services at this time.

Despite lack of government safety regulations, we continue to implement scientifically based safety protocols aimed to protect the most vulnerable, not the most safe and privileged. If this is approach is a concern, we encourage you to seek services elsewhere.


Before returning/starting services in person, all clients must:


  1. Email a picture of your official CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.

  2. Read through and commit to our COVID-19 safety rules/protocols below and sign this form digitally. Once we have confirmation of your return date, we will send you the link to sign.



   Rules and protocols:


  1. No persons aside from approved clients and staff are permitted inside the building. Anyone accompanying a client must stay in their car or outside of the building at all times. If disability accommodation is needed, accompanying parties must also submit proof of vaccination and agree to COVID policies.

  2. No client may enter the center more than 15 minutes prior to their appointment.

  3. All persons entering the building must secure a face mask before entering the building and keep the mask on in all common areas including restrooms.

  4. All persons entering the building must sanitize hands at the entry room (sanitizer provided), even if they’ve sanitized before entering the building.

  5. Clients must stand 3 feet away from the check-in window. If no staff are present at the window, clients must take a seat in the waiting room upon arrival.

  6. Clients must place any items on the floor- please refrain from setting items on tables for time being to prevent germ spreading. Please stay in your selected seat until you are called for your appointment.

  7. No food or drink aside from water will be permitted in the center for the time being. No filling water bottles/cups at the center until further notice.

  8. Your therapist will spray Lysol on the surface you sat on in the waiting room. Your therapist will open and close the door to the therapy room.

  9. Please wait to remove your mask until you are seated in the therapy room. Please keep your mask on your lap or in your bag- not on surfaces in the office. Please put on your mask before getting up from your seat in the therapy room.

  10.  Until further notice, all clients must leave the center immediately after their appointment. 

  11.  Should you need to use the restroom while at the center, please only use the all-gender restroom for clients (not the staff restroom). Please wash your hands with soap before leaving the restroom- please use your paper towel to turn off the faucet and open the door. The trash should be opened by foot pedal only. Please leave the light on.

  12.  If you would like to pet, play with, or snuggle one of our therapy dogs in training, please keep your mask on and sanitize your hands first- please make sure the sanitizer dries completely before interacting with the dog(s).


Charlottesville Empowerment is implementing two new policies effective June 1st, 2021. 



1. Should a client or staff member have symptoms of an illness (including but not limited to fever, cough, body aches, nausea or vomiting, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing), they will not be allowed to enter the center. Instead, telehealth (video session) will be used until symptoms are gone or a medical provider clears the client/staff of contagion risk. Please note: if you arrive and are visibly ill, your session will be treated as a late cancellation.


2.  COVID-19 Vaccination is required to enter Charlottesville Empowerment. If a vaccine is not an option, telehealth or referral options will be offered.

Original Covid Notice from March 2020

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